Hibiscus’ 42 Ingredient Salad: Best. Salad. Ever.

Hibiscus Café

Hibiscus Café

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a vegan… but I do love vegan food! The interesting comparisons of vegan fare to real meat and dairy, and the fresh tastes of vegan ingredients keeps me wanting to try everything it has to offer. Hibiscus Café is gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, and organic restaurant that many have told me I had to try. They serve everything from buckwheat crepes to soups and salads. They also have their own homemade dairy-free ice cream served in a gluten-free cone, and other desserts such as cookies and brownies.

Hibiscus is located in the Kensington Market in downtown Toronto, which is one of my favourite places to grab food. The area has a casual and relaxed feel throughout its streets and sidewalks, and that is also what Hibiscus embodies. It has a nice pleasant atmosphere and I felt comfortable dining there. The service was also very friendly and not at all stuck-up, as many might feel may come from a vegan, and what some might call, “hipster” place.

My lunch date and I got quickly seated when we arrived at lunch time on a Sunday. We might’ve been a little lucky because 10 minutes after we sat, there was a lineup of about 3 different parties at the door. After we both looked at the menu we realized that we both wanted to try the same thing. So we ordered the Soup & Salad, and I got an Iced Matcha drink along with it.

Soup & Salad

Soup & Salad

Their soups are changed up from time to time and that day it was a ginger squash soup. When it arrived at the table I could already smell the ginger and it was fragrant and tantalizing. I loved the flavours, but the ginger is pretty strong, so if you don’t like ginger you wouldn’t enjoy this soup. They managed to make the soup feel creamy with a smooth texture. I also enjoyed that it was served in a mug for easy sipping!

42 Ingredient Salad

42 Ingredient Salad

As for the salad, it might just be my favourite salad of all time, and that’s huge! The salad is a combination of 42 ingredients which gives it many dimensions of fresh flavour along with different textures. It has even been mentioned by Taste Toronto as one of the best salads in their Top 10 Salads in Toronto list. It has all the ingredients that I love in a salad including quinoa, sweet potato, broccoli, beans, tofu, kale, carrot, beet, kelp, okara, and a raw cracker (Now I’m wondering if they have the all the ingredients available if you ask for them). Everything went well with each other, and every bite was something different. If I lived closer to Hibiscus I would probably be eating this more than once a week… or more than twice a week. Best. Salad. Ever.

Lastly, I didn’t expect much from the Iced Matcha, but I recommend that you just skip this drink as it was bland and only had a tiny hint of matcha in it.

Not feeling full from vegan meals is sometimes a concern for me, but after this one I definitely felt fully satisfied. I would be eating here all the time if I could!

Hibiscus is located at 238 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2L7.



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